Union History

Our union was established in 1959. It is affiliated to the Bank of Baroda employees’ federation, Bombay and with the National Conferation of bank employees at industry level, a prominent organization in the field of trade union movement.  Our union commands the majority of membership of employees and as such is accorded Recognition by the banks’ management. As a recognized union, it is called upon to participate in negotiation on various policy issues concerning the employees and other personnel matters. We take pride in the fact that as regards our relations with the management, we have adopted a constructive approach towards problems and have resorted to peaceful means. This sound philosophy of the union has paid rich dividends and has contributed in maintaining harmonious relations with the management. This approach and philosophy have enabled the union to resolve disputes and protect the interests of its members in amicable and productive manner. As a result, our union has grown in size and its ranks have swelled. Thanks to the confidence reposed by the employees.

Though our union is basically a trade union, I feel proud and happy of the fact that it has over the years involved in various other activities connecting the society at large. Some of these projects have been enumerated below.

  • In 1976, the union organized a programme in aid of the economically backward people as part of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s 20 point Programme.
  • During the International year of child, a programme was organized under the auspicious Of the Ahmedabad Children society
  • An entertainment programme was arranged during the International year of women.
  • Apart from such activities, it has responsibilities. During the natural calamities like Morvi floods, the cyclone of 1981 etc. it collected funds and tried to provide soccer to the affected peoples. It has made substantial contributions to the Chief Ministers fund.
  • The union has always shown a humanitarian approach. In 1981, during the International Year of Physically handicapped, it extended financial help to various service institutions of Ahmedabad like the Blind Men’s’ Association Apang Manav Mandal and others.

Our union has never confined itself to the narrow goals of trade unions organization but has over the years, expressed concerns to happening around and has made itself available to the society in the time of distress.

As part of its harmonious relations with the management and promoting of organizational interest, it arranged a massive deposit mobilization campaign where in deposits to the tune of Rs. 10 Crores were mobilized. A customer service meet was arranged to have a positive interaction between the employees, management and its clientele.

The union has grown into multi-faceted organizations.