Message by our General Secretary Shri Milind Nandkarni on Foundation Day 2020

Greetings to all on the occasion of the 62nd Foundation  Day of our beloved Organisation AIBOBEF! Today it was a solemn affair unlike the past years when we celebrated with joy and gaiety. Today was to reflect on the glory and contribution of our great Organisation and how it has played a vital role in our individual lives. 

It is also a day to introspect  whether each one of us is doing our best to retain the glory of our Organisation  or whether we are happy just basking in past glory. Today we need to dwell on the struggles, sacrifices and tribulations undergone by  the visionary leaders like M Rajgopal, Jitubhai Patel, J.T.Chitre and many others who had the courage to break the shackles of AÌBEA and establish an independent, non political Union capable of taking care of the aspirations of the entire workforce of Bank of Baroda then. 

In years to come it became a beacon light for like minded unions to come together and found NUBE (now NCBE). The spirit of the Founders is still alive ànd their  vision continues to motivate and guide the present leadership.

Friends, we  are passing through one of the most challenging periods  of our entire history but  I  am confident that together we shall and we will face the challenges squarely and once again emerge triumphant.

Friends, on this auspicious day, let us renew our pledge of loyalty, dedication and commitment to our beloved  Federation and leave no stone unturned to keep it's flag flying high.

My warm fraternal greetings to all òf you and our members on the occasion of Foundation  Day! 

Long live AIBOBEF!

Long live Bank of Baroda!!